5 tips for choosing Garden Furniture

With the sunshine is beginning to make an appearance, most of us will be running to our gardens to try and grab those few minutes of warmth while they can. Great patio furniture can bring both comfort and functionality to your outdoor spaces as relaxing and spending time in the garden can be hugely enjoyable. A spacious table and plenty of seating areas can transform your garden area into a destination you’ll want to spend time in. It doesn’t matter how big your outdoor space is because with the right garden furniture even the smallest of spaces can be cosy and useable. Here are our top tips for choosing garden furniture.

Think about what you want to use our outdoor area for

Make a list of your requirements before you begin to buy your furniture. If you’re looking to host BBQ’s outside then you’ll need to consider a larger dining area, whereas if you’re going to be hosting gatherings and parties then plenty of seating and side tables will suffice. If you’re planning on trying to top up your tan or spend time relaxing out there then consider lounge chairs or sunbeds which you can lay down to offer the ultimate relaxation.

Think about where it will be stored

If you are going to be leaving things in your garden throughout the summer then think about the material of the products. If your garden furniture is going to be left out then it will encounter rain so make sure you choose metal or plastic as opposed to wicker or thinner materials which might warp or damage if they come into contact with water. It’s not uncommon to experience wind in the summer so make sure you choose garden furniture with some weather so it to ensure it doesn’t fly off.

Try out the seats

Much like seating indoors looks and comfort don’t always correlate and it’s pointless spending money on loving looking seats if they’re not comfortable to sit on. Make sure you test out your seating areas to make sure you’ll want to spend time on them. Then, as we all do, get online and shop around for the best possible price.

Think about the colour

While a whitewash patio set or a colourful finish might look lovely now think ahead to the future and it’s unlikely that it will stay like this. If you opt for a colourful patio set be aware that it will require some upkeep so only buy it if you’re prepared to re-paint. There are plenty of natural tones of wood, wicker or metal pieces which can look just as stylish, and you can add colour pops through an umbrella or cushion covers which are easy to store.

Don’t forget about shade

During the hottest part of the day it can get uncomfortable to sit outside for too long so make sure you think about shade and cover for those mid-afternoon breaks. There are plenty of options including umbrellas, motorized awnings, permanent roofs for your patio or decking or a gazebo. Make arrangements for some refreshing shade to shelter you when the sun isn’t so forgiving.

That’s a lot to think about, so just relax and have a leisurely browse through our wide range of garden furniture online and choose the perfect garden furniture suite for your summer garden.