Globus Homes is the new place to go for a whole range of products that your home needs and extra luxury products that you have always wanted. Globus Homes research and development team have a wealth of experience of over 30 years and are now bringing you the very best cylinders, judged on reliability, quality and of course the price.

Globus Homes knows that choosing  a hot water cylinder may seem like an easy thing to do, however getting it wrong can prove to be a painful mistake causing mental stress and very costly. You have to be prepared for what your properties need are now and for the future otherwise you may choose wrong cylinder and tank which may lead to you having to buy a different model quicker than originally planned.

A simple rule is that for a  domestic household, you should allow between 35 and 45 litres for every occupant. Obviously, if you have a young family, or use the bath more than shower, you should allow 45 litres per occupant. If you use showers, you should allow 35 litres of capacity.

Globus Homes are proud to announce that they are the sole distributor of Fabdec cylinders across the whole of Essex. Globus Homes gives you the option to place an order that can be delivered straight to you or the option to pick up from our Globus Homes center to make sure that you get the product as and when you need it.

Why did Globus Homes choose to partner with Fabdec?

Fabdec Cylinder

Since its opening in 1960 Fabdec's objective is to sustain a positive impact on lives across the UK, from their employees to their customers and suppliers. Fabdec achieve this through investing time into people and products and by combining Fabdec's core competences and resources with leading strategic partners such as Globus Homes. Fabdec working alongside Globus Homes are committed to continuous growth and to maintaining customer satisfaction .

Fabdec strive to exceed customer expectations in product design, manufacture and performance. To achieve this goal Fabdec continue to invest in both their resources and staff.  Fabdec's modern, state of the art machinery, well trained, and an experienced skilled workforce ensure every Fabdec product is a safe investment. Globus Homes knows that in  recent years ‘unvented’ systems have become increasingly popular. Unvented cylinders provide hot water throughout the house from the mains pressure therefore making them more efficient. The key benefits are excellent flow rates and fast a times to recharge to provide you with the hot water that you need. 

Unvented systems require expansion vessels either next to or they can be incorporated within the boiler or cylinder, meaning there is no need for expansion tanks in the loft. As cold water is fed directly into the cylinder, which takes away the  need for a cold water storage tank. And to be extra safe the expansion relief valve ensures that the system doesn’t overheat which would waste even more energy.

Unvented hot water cylinders in general were  made legal in the UK in 1986 however since then has seen its popularity rise to be the leading choice in types of cylinders in the market today. In an unvented system there is no need for a  cold-water tank – instead the sealed hot water cylinder is fed directly by the water mains. As they are operating at the mains pressure, they offer improved flow rates meaning your hot water in your home for your shower and bath performance will be vastly improved.

The other major advantage of having an unvented system is that you don’t need to maintain a cold-water tank in the loft which is required by vented systems which can cause interior decorative improves if a leak appears. This is good news as not only does it give you extra space, it also removes freezing issues during the British winter seasons.

Since you aren’t relying on gravity to move the hot water around the home, the unvented cylinder can be installed anywhere in your property.

Useful information on your hot water usage

An average bath uses 60 litres of hot water and 40 litres of cold and the average showers use 11 litres of blended water per minute. The average Kitchen sinks uses 0.2 litres of water per second at 60 degrees average temperature, also hand basins use on average 0.15 litres of water per second at an average temperature of 40 degrees. Therefore Globus Homes Fabdec  offer you the right solution for your property needs.


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