Globus Homes are now selling the amazing Dyson Airblade range of products, with the top of the line hand dryers and innovative integrated taps and dryers in one.  The Dyson range promises to be the cleanest way to wash and dry your hands, with its purified air filters and no splash approach. This got us all thinking -how clean are our hands?

Washing our hands properly is so important; our hands are generally one of the dirtiest parts of our bodies and can harbour a whole host of germs including E.coli, Salmonella, cold and flu viruses and even the norovirus.

Michigan State University carried our research in 2013 observing 3,500 people after they'd used a public toilet.  The findings where fairly shocking -men were much more likely to just rinse their hands than women, with just 37% of men and 61% of women washing their hands after using the bathroom.


How clean are you hands?

So how well do you wash your hands?

There seems to be a few different types of hand washer, this could be down to laziness or just not having time, but it’s time to be honest – which are you?

The Rinse and Shake

This is the lazy approach when you don’t have time for luxuries like soap or even using the dryer.  Simple rinsing your hands under the water and then shaking them dry is likely to leave a huge amount of germs on your hands.  Research found, people using this method could be left with faecal matter on their hands, which can then easily be digested when you eat snacks or even just touch your face – disgusting eh!

Now’s your chance, Share this article and name and shame a Rinse and Shaker now before they pass their germs on to you!!

The 6 Second Soap Free Wash (Soap dodger)

This time we have a little more time than to just splash some water on our hands and walk away.  This time we have gone to the effort to spend 6 seconds wetting and rubbing our hands together, unfortunately, we are still too cool for the soap. This is still a bad, bad mistake and according to research, this is the most common hand wash technique when people are out in a public toilet.  Not using soap is leaving a massive amount of bacteria on your hands and by wetting them and rubbing them together, you are just moving the bacteria around and concentrating it all into certain areas like around rings or in the creases of your fingers.

The average touches their face 16 times per hour! Add that to the amount of times you touch your food, your phone and even your friends and you’ll start to get an idea of the amount of bacteria you are spreading around.  Starting to feel ill?

The 15 Seconds Soapy Wash

This is the NHS suggested time for a decent hand wash, this is all it takes to get your hands to be nice and clean and lower the chances of spreading all of that nasty bacteria.  15 seconds doesn’t sound like long and by the time you have worked up lather and worked it over your hands, you’ll find that’s about the time already to rinse it off. This really doesn’t sound too hard, but the Michigan University study showed that only 5% of people would do the 15 Second Soapy Wash when outside of their home.

We know these germs get spread to everything we touch; in this day and age it is hard to find a person that doesn’t have their smart phone in their hand for a large portion of the day.  For many this is the first thing you touch after leaving the bathroom (sound familiar?). If you don’t wash your hands properly and then reach for your phone, you are spreading those nasty bacteria all over your phone (you know, the thing you press against your face!). Studies have found that 92% of people’s phones have some level of bacteria on them with a disgusting 16% containing E.coli (the bacteria found in faeces).

In summary, there are a lot of dirty handed people out there, so next time you are in a public bathroom, slow down and take the time to lather up those hands and become a 15 Second Soapy Washer.  Look out for the Dyson Airblade range in bathrooms everywhere; we really do believe they are the best hand washing/drying systems around.  If you are looking to purchase a Dyson Airblade system, click here to view the all new Dyson Airblade Taps, the perfect no mess system for your home or business.