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Square Cylinders

Square Cylinder

The Square Cylinder

The team behind the range of Square Cylinders have ensured that all of these products are manufactured to the highest possible standards. The Square Cylinders have been built using the very best materials, including a premium grade stainless steel outer casing. Along with the premium outer casing, the research and development team have also introduced a premium level of Polyurethane Insulation. Along with the use of the very best materials, this ensures this range of cylinders maintain a much higher temperature than other cylinders, providing even more hot water for your home.

Our Indirect range of cylinders allow for a boiler connection using high quality 24kW Stainless Steel finned coil providing a highly efficient recovery time. Whether you purchase the 130 or 200 litre Square Cylinder or look to one of our custom sized models, our complete range of cylinders are built to the highest standards, are KIWA approved and all achieve the ErP A rating, ensuring that our square cylinders are perfect for your installation requirements.

Square Cylinder Fitting

To ensure the installation of your Square Cylinder is as seamless as possible, all of our products come with a 3kW immersion heater and have created an unvented kit that should be used at each install. This kit includes:
- Expansion vessel
- High fl ow rate inlet control set
- 3kW immersion heater
- Temperature and pressure relief valve
- Tundish 15mm x 22mm
- Two port valve
Leaving just any pipework and fittings to complete the job.